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What is Football all about?

Posted: July 29th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: College Football Hits | 7 Comments »
“Football is the last thing left in civilization where men can literally fling themselves bodily at one another in combat and not be at war.”  –Ronald Reagan
Nothing beats watching these massive, modern day gladiators battle it out on the gridiron, crashing into each other to prove who is the dominant force.
College football is physically demanding collision sport, that continually draws fans to the television and stadium alike season after season. As much as we tend to think of ourselves as modern, advanced people, college football and all of the excitement its raw power and violence brings to the table never ceases to draw out the unrefined caveman in all of us.
The game of college football has come a long way since its roots in the late 1800s, when Tufts University defeated Harvard at Jarvis Field in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Even in those days the game was fairly violent, with mass momentum plays like the infamous “Flying Wedge”, “Lehigh V”, and the “V Trick” being banned due to their deadly consequences. Ever since then rules and safety equipment have evolved to reduce the chances of players suffering from serious injuries.
However, these tactics don’t last forever. Rule-changing and advances in football protective equipment are not fail-safe. Rules changed to allow and disallow various tackles. However, coaches would simply adapt by inventing new formations and play strategies.
Helmets and heavy padding were gradually introduced, but injuries occurred nonetheless. In fact, despite their good intentions, some safety equipment actually promoted additional violence!
High-impact plastics used in helmets, shoulder pads, hip pads, and knee pads give players a false sense of indestructibility which often permits them to hurl themselves at an opponent at speeds they would never consider had they not been wearing protection. In fact, the use of helmets has been said to allow players to hit their opponents up to 100 times harder than before. Modern helmets gave players the chance to use their heads as a weapon, effectively “spearing” the opponents in a take-down.
Again, rules were put in to eliminate spearing and helmet contact with quarterbacks. However, injuries still remain prominent in college football. It is extremely rare for players who take many direct hits (i.e. ball carriers and quarterbacks) to go an entire season without missing game time due to injuries.
Although the protection does cut down on injuries, those injuries that do occur often prove to be severe, career-ending, or, in the worst of cases, fatal.
Concussions are probably the most frequent occurring injury suffered by college football players, with some evidence showing that brain injury, memory loss, and dementia can result from the frequent impacts players experience in their sport.
Today’s players are significantly bigger, faster, and stronger than their historical counterparts. Modern-day training and nutrition are huge contributors to these facts. College football fans don’t need a degree in physics to know the bigger your colliding opponent is, the more you’re going to hurt! It’s like getting into a car wreck–an 18-wheeler is going to deliver a far more punishing blow to your vehicle than a Huffy bicycle, right?
But let’s face it. Football is dangerous, but exciting. This is why we watch college football. Besides, anything satisfying in life is never without its drawbacks.
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7 Comments on “What is Football all about?”

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